As you can guess from the name, ‘Nearby The Tree’ is a sister establishment to The Tree, and in a similar location! However, the new venue is on two floors and the concept has expanded; downstairs is still a bar with a similar look and with a similar drinks menu to The Tree (De Koninck and Hoegaarden on tap) but more spacious. Upstairs serves fresh pasta prepared in an open kitchen and the Belgian emphasis returns with waffles to please those with a sweet tooth. There is also a raised lounge area with low tables and sofas to relax with a decent Lavazza coffee and enjoy the view from the large windows. To put it simply Nearby is aiming to attract the type of clientèle who no longer feel comfortable pushing their way (and even less so with potential business colleagues in tow) through the crowds spilling on to the street around the cheap bar area The Tree has helped sporn and is a little more distinguished in its’ third generation.

Use the menu above to see the rest of this website, including our current menu and a selection of photos, including some of the dishes our kitchen is experimenting with.

For table reservations please phone the bar or restaurant directly on 64131522 / 87, respectively. For group reservations or further details, please contact us by email.


Hidden Tree, Beijing 1996 - 2005

“From a small acorn, a large oak tree shall grow”. The old “Hidden Tree” back on the original Sanlitun Nan Jie had at its central core a Chinese Oak. Although the tree itself was sawn down to make way for redevelopment the little acorns spread out and The Tree continues to thrive behind Sanlitun bar street. Now, just around the corner, close to Yashow, a new sapling has been found and is being nurtured.

The Tree, Beijing since 2005

The Hidden Tree first opened in Beijing in June 1996 as one of the first independent Western Bars around, famous for it’s friendly ‘local’ feel and great wood fired pizza, all washed down with one of their 30+ Belgian beers. The ‘Sanlitun South Bar Street’ on Dongdaqiao Xie Jie was an institution in itself.

The Tree opened in February 2005, to continue serving its by now famous wood fired pizza and speciality Belgian Beer.

Nearby The Tree opened its’ doors on October 21st, 2007 and as the third generation of ‘Tree’, a little more distinguished in its maturity and continuing to grow above the others.

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